Perez says Hamilton raced dirty during Belgian GP qualification – “I got blocked!”

Sergio Perez suggested Lewis Hamilton raced dirty during the Belgian GP qualification.

During qualification, Perez felt Hamilton did something that was a bit underhanded. The Mexican driver was definitely unhappy with Hamilton’s actions, and made it known on the team radio. Checo felt Hamilton blocked him at the end of his lap, and suggested Hamilton raced dirty during the qualification.

“Yeah, that was very unfair,” Perez said.

“Yeah, that was very, very bad. Who was ahead? Which of the Mercedes was it?” Upon receiving word that it was the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton, but his teammate Max Verstappen still managed pole, Perez replied, “Oh, good job for Max. Please have a look at Hamilton because he blocked me at the end of my lap.”

Worst day out

Later, during the post-qualification session, Perez said, “Yeah it was pretty tough out there, especially come Q3, you when the conditions changing, and knowing the final lap was going to be (the) right one.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t get the final lap, and I was on time lap, everyone let me through, but not Lewis.

“So that meant I started just I think a second or two behind him. So I couldn’t see anything going into my final lap. I was a bit disappointed given that I wasn’t able to improve on my final lap.

“I mean, definitely I got blocked going into the chicane you know in my lap. He is entitled to do that on the next lap to stay ahead. But I was just too close. So even on that lap, I lost some time,” he concluded.

Perez’s weekend in Belgium went from bad to worse, as he crashed before the race and was ruled out. However, under the bizarre circumstances of the Belgian GP, he returned and started from the back. That is where he stayed and finished, as rain made it worse for him.

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