Steiner insists FIA will solve Abu Dhabi controversy – “Not here to protect Michael or anything”

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner insisted that the FIA would solve the Abu Dhabi GP controversy in a fair and conclusive manner.

The sport’s governing body will meet for discussions on their investigation regarding the race at Yas Marina, which saw a breaking of the rules that ended up influencing the result of the world championship.

Everything started when Race Director Michael Masi allowed only a certain number of lapped cars by during the Safety Car restart. It left Lewis Hamilton a sitting duck to Max Verstappen, who otherwise would never have caught him and won the championship.

Steiner insisted that the FIA would solve the Abu Dhabi GP controversy, saying there would be a resolution in the end.

“I know they are diligently working on it, to make it – I wouldn’t say better, which is the wrong word, (rather) to make it mainly better for whoever is race director,” he said, as quoted by

“It’s a very difficult job. I’m not here to protect Michael or anything. It is very difficult. I think the sport has grown so much, and some of the things have stayed behind.

Steiner (pictured) has placed enough trust in the FIA. Source: Haas

“I’m sure they will come up with some ideas when we are presented them, and then we’ll see what they are doing.

“I didn’t give them any recommendation what to do, a specific one We talked about it, and I think there are private talks, and I don’t want to go there. I didn’t give a lot of recommendations to President Mohammed (Ben Sulayem).”

No clue what’s happening

“I’ve got enough on my plate with my company to be honest,” the Haas boss said.

“I’m not trying to avoid the question (of whether Masi should be sacked). I honestly don’t know their structure in there completely. We all know Michael Masi as the race director, but I don’t know what is underlying and how to make it better.

“As I said, I’m pretty busy with what I’m doing for Haas F1. So I’m not getting involved. I’ve got the full confidence in the FIA, that they will fix it.”

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