Mercedes makes statement Instagram post after Hamilton takes social media by storm

Mercedes have all but confirmed Lewis Hamilton’s return to F1 after he broke the internet with his comeback post.

The FIA made a contentious decision at the title-deciding Abu Dhabi GP in 2021 that snatched an eighth world title from Hamilton. It ended up crowning a new champion at his expense, and was a farce all around.

Hamilton disappeared after that controversial race from social media and the public eye. Rumours continued to fly regarding his retirement from the sport. However, he returned on his social media handles with a post that trended harder and faster than anything else in recent memory.

With the post going viral, Mercedes have all but confirmed Hamilton’s return, replying to him in a way that suggests he will race for them in 2022.

Earlier, the seven-time world champion tweeted alongside a picture of him at the Grand Canyon saying, “I’ve been gone. Now I’m back!”

Mercedes replied to their driver by retweeting it with a praying hands emoji. They then attached a picture of Hamilton’s name trending on social media and captioned it ‘That’s right’.

Hammer time

The aftermath of what happened at Yas Marina saw the seven-time world champion bask in his silence and Mercedes unsure if he will return to the sport. They were even considering replacements for him should he actually withdraw from F1.

However, he made an appearance in Mercedes’ video for their Chinese fans, seemingly putting an end to the speculation. On Mercedes’ video posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo, Hamilton could be seen dressed in the team’s 2022 racing kit.

It was, however, determined that the video was recorded before the end of the 2021 season. The rumours flamed back up again, but Hamilton has seemingly shut them down with his return to social media.

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