Ecclestone launches scathing rant at Liberty Media – “This is how you scare away the fans!”

Bernie Ecclestone has launched a scathing rant towards F1 for their inclusion of 23 races in the season calendar.

The FIA is most likely to green-light the decision later this month, after their meeting with the World Motor Sport Council. The calendar will have 23 events across 36 weekends, and this does not include the sprint races that will be raced.

F1 has also announced plans to begin the season in mid-March, and end it in November, a month earlier than usual. This will be to avoid the last race of the season clashing with the FIFA World Cup.

Ecclestone launched a scathing rant towards F1 for their inclusion of 23 races in the season calendar, and said that everything about this is a shambles.

“This is how you scare away even the biggest fans and destroy interest on TV,” the 90-year-old F1 legend said, as quoted by

Ecclestone (in front) is not pleased with F1 planning 23 races per season. Source:

“Eighteen races are enough. But now, with the unnecessary stress, they are even destroying many families and trampling on their health!”

Not ideal

McLaren Team Principal Andreas Seidl agreed with Ecclestone that an ideal calendar would only have around 20 races. He said that he hopes F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali will make the right decisions.

“We have a lot of trust that he (Domenicali) finds the right balance between the commercial interests that we obviously are having as a team, but also in terms of looking after his people, after our people, after you guys (the media) as well, being part of this circus,” Seidl said.

“The most important thing is that we are having a good dialogue with F1, especially with Stefano. And I think we just need to wait now until it gets published, what the plans are for next year.”

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