Former engineer wants fans to stop moaning about ‘illegal’ Mercedes – “The chatter must stop”

Kees van de Grint has called for fans to stop calling Mercedes “illegal”, saying that their engineering is simply too good for the rest.

Mercedes have been facing questions and accusations regarding their cars. They have unlocked new levels of speed this season, and that has raised some eyebrows all around the world. There have been complaints lodged against them, but the German team have won every single time.

No one has been able to match the speed of the Mercedes recently, and naturally everyone starts thinking there is foul play involved. Van de Grint calle for fans to stop calling Mercedes “illegal”, and asked them to appreciate genius engineering.

“The speed differences between the teams was not that great in Qatar,” van de Grint, a former engineer who worked with Michael Schumacher at Ferrari and Bridgestone, said as quoted by

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Mercedes have been exceptionally quick this season. Source:

“Mercedes just got it right. Since the FIA has said that it’s not illegal, then the chatter about it must stop.”


Jan Lammers agreed with van de Grint’s assessment, and said that the only confusion regarding the situation is the variance in results.

“A lot of the things that appear in the media are often based on assumptions,” he explained.

“But I personally don’t think there’s really been a big change in how fast the Mercedes and Red Bull cars are this year. I think the Mercedes has always been better. All I see is the volatility – sometimes (Valtteri) Bottas is faster than (Lewis) Hamilton, and a weekend later Bottas is nowhere.

“So if you purely compare those two drivers, Hamilton performs quite differently compared to Bottas. Lewis is just not always consistent this year.

“I think in qualifying the Mercedes is three to four tenths ahead, and it’s one to two tenths in the race. That was a little less at the start. But the fact remains that Mercedes has always been faster than Red Bull this season,” he concluded.

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