Verstappen takes aim at Hamilton – “Last years were boring because you knew who would win”

Max Verstappen has taken aim at Lewis Hamilton for his comments.

Even these many days after the Italian GP, the main talking point is still the crash between Hamitlon and Verstappen. The latter was awarded a three-place grid penalty for the upcoming Russian GP, which Red Bull extended to a full grid penalty after an engine switch. As a result, Verstappen will start the arce at the back of the grid, while Hamilton will mostly start way ahead of him.

Receently, Hamilton was asked about his duels with Verstappen, and he suggested that he couldn’t rememeber the last time the Dutchman had backed off from one. Verstappen took aim at Hamilton upon hearing it, and said he doesn’t care about these kind of things.

”I don’t know. Keep looking I would say”, Verstappen said with a laugh, as quoted by GP Blog.

”I don’t look back at this kind of thing either, and I don’t want to think about it too much. This season has been very interesting so far, so it’s more fun to look forward and enjoy the year.

“How often do you have a duel between two teams? The last years were really boring because you already knew who was going to win. That’s what I enjoy, that we can really fight for the title”, the WDC leader concluded, taking a jibe at Hamilton in the process.

Verstappen laughs at Hamilton's comment: ''Keep looking I would say''
Verstappen (pictured) is not bothered by Hamilton’s comments.

Penalty thoughts

Verstappen was also asked about his feelings regarding the penalty he received. He said he didn’t expect to be handed one, but it was behind him.

”I speak for myself of course, but I didn’t think I would get one. I don’t agree with it either, but it is what it is. Life goes on and that’s why we’re here”, Verstappen said during the Weekend Warm-Up.

”Everyone has their own view on it. They (the FIA) obviously have a different idea than I do, but that’s how the world works. Everyone has their own view and some have the right to make decisions.”

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