Vettel takes blame for bizarre tyre call during Turkish GP – “I was tempted”

Sebastian Vettel has taken the blame for the bizarre tyre call that happened during the Turkish GP.

The race was 100% an intermediate tyre race. Aston Martin was also running with inters, until Vettel went into the pits and came out with mediums to everyone’s surprise.

It was a team decision to gamble on slicks while the rest of the grid stayed on inters. However, it backfired spectacularly, and Vettel spun off the track multiple times before sheepishly making his way to the pits again.

The decision essentially destroyed the German’s race, and Aston Martin had an embarrassing weekend at Istanbul. Vettel took the blame for the bizarre tyre call that happened during the Turkish GP, and assumed responsibility for the decision.

“Together (we made the tyre call), but in the end I made the decision, I wanted to try to go for it,” Vettel said, as quoted by

Vettel takes responsibility for dry F1 tyre call in Turkey
Vettel’s decision threw Aston Martin’s chances away. Source:

“On the inters, there was nothing left, so I thought the dry tyres could be as good. But I couldn’t break them in and just had no grip and lost so much time as I couldn’t make them work.

“It was worse than I expected, even if it was damp a little bit here and there, or wet. But the main thing was I couldn’t break the tyre in and then you are just sliding on the top.

“It is a no-brainer now, but at that time, I don’t know. I was tempted some laps before and the inters were not getting any better.

“If you look at the inter tyres, there is nothing left on them, they look like a slick, so I think I had reason, but obviously it was the wrong decision.”


“The track is good fun, but it was a bit strange today, similar to last year with the intermediates and staying out so long,” he continued. “At some point, I thought it was ready for dry tyres. So I took the risk, but it didn’t work.

“Last year, I was thinking 15 laps to go that I wanted to try the slick tyres when the track was a little bit worse, so I thought it was worth a go, but it proved to be wrong,” he concluded.

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