“First fight with Poirier was easiest in my career”: Conor makes big revelations in Q&A session with fans

UFC superstar Conor McGregor, known to be quite active over social media, recently had a Q&A session with his fans over Twitter.

The session was titled #AskNotorious. Fans from all over the globe used this hashtag to pose questions to the Superstar. 

The Irishman received tons of questions given the amount of fan following he has worldwide. The Irishman, if not all, did answer a few of them.

We have picked five of the most popular questions:

#5 “How many more times are you planning on fighting this year?”

For now, McGregor is scheduled for a fight with Dustin Poirier. This is a trilogy bout at UFC 264 this July. 

But as per his answer, he is planning for another fight.

The Irishman was last seen in the Octagon at UFC 257, where he suffered a loss from his arch-rival Dustin.

‘The Notorious’, when asked about his loss, said being away from activities inside the octagon to be the prime reason behind his loss.

#4 “will you ever go on @jeorogan podcast?”

McGregor said that he respects Rogan a lot, primarily because the UFC announcer gave him a shout-out before he rose to fame.

#3 “who was your easiest opponent ever? “

McGregor believes that the first match he had against Poirier was his easiest fight. 

They had their bout at UFC 178. The Irishman took down Poirier in the first round itself with a knockout. 

Poirier however, took his revenge in the second encounter where he took down McGregor with a TKO in Round 2.

#2 “If you were to fight Floyd Mayweather again, what would you do differently?”

When asked about the changes he would make if given a chance for a rematch with Floyd Mayweather, Conor said that he would use a different strategy to train himself so that he has greater endurance.

During the fight between the two, McGregor suffered a TKO loss as he could not pull himself up till 12 rounds and got exhausted. He did, interestingly enough, land more punches on Mayweather.

#1 “Will you move up to get the welterweight belt in the future“

McGregor is the first fighter in the history of UFC to hold two different titles in different weight divisions. 

He replied to the question with a “yes”. McGregor seems to be looking for another record of being the first fighter to hold three titles in three different weight divisions.

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