“I just need a chance to prove it”: Giga Chikadze challenges Max Holloway to bout

Holding a #10 ranking and 4-0 win record in the UFC featherweight division, Giga Chikadze seems to have found out his groove in the profession. 

He has won his last two fights with TKO. In one of his scraps, he blasted a head kick to finish off Jamey Simmons. In another, he threw a liver kick against Cub Swanson within a minute.

After his last four match results, the fighter seems confident enough to call out Max Holloway, the former UFC Featherweight champion. 

This adrenaline rush in Chikadze to fight the featherweight champion could possibly be from the Kattar vs. Max Holloway fight, where the latter had wrecked Kattar.

In an interview with TMZ, Chikadze sounded upbeat about his intentions.

“Every time he was doing some crazy boxing combo, I was like ‘Man, I really want to fight him.

“I got so many messages like ‘Hey, if you ever going to fight him, you’re gonna lose with this guy!’ I was like, what?

“It really motivated me to do it even more, and I definitely feel like I’m the best striker in the organisation, and I really want to fight him and challenge him and show the world what I’m capable of.

“I guarantee you I’m the best striker in the organisation and a better striker than Max Holloway. I just need a chance to prove it. And it doesn’t matter if it’s three-round fight, five-round fight. I only give [Max] two … Yeah, I believe I can do it,” he stated.

Possibility of a MAX vs. CHIKADZE fight?

A bout between the two would be quite interesting. It should not be much of a challenge for Holloway, looking at his previous record.

Chikadze finished off the TMZ interview by saying, “My message is gonna be: Max, you’ve been a champion, you’ve fought the best of the best from different divisions.

“I’m the new name in the organisation, and this is the fight you’re looking for. You’ve had the belt already. I know you are a contender. But this is a fight that fans would enjoy the most. If you engage, I’m here.” 

If this bout happens, will Holloway be able to destroy Chikadze the way he did Kattar? Let us know your thoughts.

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