Here’s what to expect from the Cleveland Browns this season

The Cleveland Browns franchise dates back to 1944, when a taxi-cab magnate known as Arthur “Mickey” McBride secured a franchise in Cleveland, Ohio, for the All-America Football Conference. McBride was not a big fan, but he was intrigued by owning a team. He would eventually choose Paul Brown as his coach. 

A brilliant football mind, Brown was rewarded with a large salary, a stake in the team, and complete control over personnel decisions. McBride held a fan contest to name the team in May 1945. The most famous name was Cleveland Panthers, but it was rejected because it was the name of a previous failed Cleveland football team. McBride chose the second popular selection – Browns – over the objections of the team’s coach that August.

And that is how the Cleveland Browns got their name. This story couldn’t have come at a better time as the popular season is just around the corner and sports betting is hotter than ever. With that said, here are some things you can expect from the Browns this upcoming season.

Jacob Phillips will lead the team in tackles

Jacob Phillips. Credit:

Injuries have plagued the first two seasons of Jacob Phillips’ career as the Brown’s linebacker, resulting in significant time missed. However, when he was on the field, Philips displayed elite athleticism. He also had the best sideline-to-sideline speed to pursue and tackle ball carriers. 

Jacob Philips has the ability and speed to react very quickly, as he has a keen understanding of the playing field and the ability to interpret it. If he remains healthy as the starting middle linebacker for the Browns this season, he will demonstrate these skills and lead the team in tackles.

Nick Chubb will win the Rushing Title

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Nick Chubb will always perform, regardless of how effective the Browns’ passing attack is. He is one of the biggest contributors to the offense’s success, as he remains the most consistent offensive asset.

Occasionally, he can get bottled up when there is no legitimate passing threat. With Deshaun Watson at quarterback and an improved expansive receiver room, Chubb will have even more opportunities to win the rushing title this season. With the best ways to bet, you can be sure that a bet on the Cleveland Browns can have good returns on your end.

Denzel Ward Will Have An All-Pro Season

Denzel Ward. Credit:

Denzel Ward decided to cash in this offseason, signing a massive contract extension with the Browns just a few weeks ago. The Browns have improved the defense around him through free agency and the draft, which will relieve some pressure on defense from Ward. 

Greg Newsome had a fantastic rookie season and Grant Delpit will be more assertive in his second year following an Achilles tear. This will allow Ward to play even more freely and have his best season yet.

Hunt will be traded in a Day 2 Draft Pick

Kareem Hunt. Credit:

After drafting Jerome Ford in the fifth round, the Browns’ running back room is becoming extremely crowded. Kareem Hunt has been an outstanding player for the Browns, and his absence last season was noticeable on the field, but he is in the final year of his contract. 

With Deshaun Watson as quarterback and Nick Chubb as running back the Browns are unlikely to pay two running backs. Instead of letting Kareem Hunt walk for free, the Browns will likely trade him for a first-round pick.

Cleveland Browns featured match

According to an writer, the Cleveland Browns and the Houston Texans matchup is the ninth-most anticipated game in 2022. With such an anticipated game, the NFL will surely capitalize on the drama that this game has. 

Deshaun Watson could be suspended because of legal issues and not participate in this game, but that would drastically reduce the number of viewers. Many people enjoy drama, and Watson’s upcoming game against his former team is a prime example. This drama is what the NFL needs to drive up viewership and interest in the league.

Due to a lot of complications, Watson’s suspension might be moved towards 2023 when the court has a clear decision on his pending cases. For now, it’s really unclear if Deshaun Watson will be facing off against the Texans. If Watson plays, he will face his former teammate, Davis Mills. Since the game will happen in Houston, a lot of fans will surely give Watson a rude welcome.

Final thoughts

With the start of the new NFL season rapidly approaching, many bettors are looking forward to seeing how the Cleveland Browns will perform this season. With some changes to their lineup, fans can expect the Cleveland Browns do better this season. Although it’s still too early to tell how the Cleveland Browns will fare this season, the changes they have made during the offseason will surely have an impact this season. 

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