“I know what it feels like to be hungry”: Hamilton full of praise for Rashford’s humanitarian efforts

British Formula 1 driver Sir Lewis Hamilton has come out with words of appreciation for football icon Marcus Rashford. Rashford played a leading role in a fight to reduce child poverty in the country.

The implications of the coronavirus pandemic only made his job that much more difficult.

Rashford endeavoured to supply food to children with inadequate resources. He attempted to compel the government into finding a way to provide them with three meals a day.

Hamilton, who also played a leading role in his fight against racism throughout the course of 2020, could not help but priase Rashford.

“I know what it feels like to be hungry,” he said.

“By standing up for the most vulnerable in our society and using his platform and influence to create positive change, Marcus inspired countless others to join him on this mission.

“He cemented his status as a role model.”

Hamilton went on to speak about the power of working together towards a common goal.

“In a year that showed us the power of working together toward a common goal, he was a galvanizing force behind uniting people across the U.K. in the effort to ensure that no child goes hungry.

“His determination, resilience, and persistence have been truly inspiring. I cannot wait to see how he continues this important work.”

Throughout Hamilton’s fight against racism, through the Black Lives Matter campaign, the British driver enhanced his global reputation.

Whether it was about taking a stand for George Floyd or Breonaa Taylor, Hamilton fought for racial equality.

He urged his counterparts to join in the movement.

Rashford, too, participated in this movement. Eventually, both sports icons received titles from the crown for their humanitarian work and excellence in their profession.

Hamilton was granted knighthood for his efforts, while Rashford was made an MBE for his successful campaign against hunger.

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