“I refuse to see him like that”: Webber thinks Alonso risks going down same path as Rossi

Alpine Racing’s decision to give Fernando Alonso a seat in 2021 has shocked many. The 39-year-old has been out of action since 2019. The two-time world champion is supposedly not as competitive as he was before.

Alonso’s long-time friend Mark Webber had words of encouragement for the Spaniard. He revealed that Alonso is an exceptional driver. But, he also mentioned that his return to Formula 1 will not be easy.

The former Red Bull driver claimed that Alonso has the ability to adapt to different types of cars.

But, F1 is not a sport that is known for patience. With the sport being at the top of all racing events, drivers can either learn to be fast or flow away with the tide.

“Can Fernando beat 25-year-old Fernando today? That is the question,” Webber said.

“He is just as good, he has more experience but is he really that fast, so brave? It is a question that only he can answer. I’m always positive with him, but the facts are different. Look at Valentino Rossi. He’s suffering, it’s horrible, I hate to see him, I refuse to see him like that.

“We know he can turn it around because we trust him, but the stopwatch never lies, it’s damn reality.”

Rossi is one of the longest-serving MotoGP riders. The Italian has managed to gather seven MotoGP titles throughout his career.

However, he has not made it to the podium or even won a race for a long time. Currently, he is racing for the Petronas Yamaha SRT but lagging at the back.

It is easy to comprehend that Rossi is not in his prime and Alonso could end up the same way.

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