“I think it’s really cheesy”: Vettel reveals condition he must satisfy before getting ‘Ironman’ tattoo

Many Formula 1 drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo, and Fernando Alonso are known for having great tattoos. Sebastian Vettel wants to join the league too as he reveals plans for his future tattoo.

However, there is a condition which Vettel has to complete before he gets inked.

Vettel, for now, is more occupied with his drive for Aston Martin trying to redeem himself. After a difficult year with Ferrari, his main priority, for now, is joining the points club, rather than the body art club.

Formula 1 recently uploaded a video on their YouTube channel asking drivers about their tattoo experiences.

Vettel revealed that he will get a tattoo only when he completes the Ironman challenge.

The Ironman challenge is an extremely rigorous triathlon which covers a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2-mile run.

“I always wanted to do an Ironman in my life and when I do, then I think its really cheesy thing, but you do this Ironman symbol on your ankle, so maybe that. But I haven’t done Ironman yet, so still waiting,” the German said.

Vettel is a really private person and rarely talks about his family publicly. However, recently he revealed a light-hearted story on what he does just after he reaches home.

“Just embrace my kids and my wife, and the dog, cuddle the dog.”

Fans are always looking forward to seeing this side of the 33-year-old on camera. Vettel is not on social media and he has a reason for it. These few instances are the only glimpses into his life.

Vettel did not exactly have the best start with Aston Martin, but he is optimistic. The next race will be in Portugal where Vettel is hoping to score points for his team.

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