Mercedes exchanges Bottas and Hamilton chassis for upcoming French GP – “It was always planned”

Mercedes drivers Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton have opted to use a different chassis for the upcoming French Grand Prix.

Bottas confirmed that the change has got nothing to do with the duo’s performance at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

After the race in Baku, the Finn revealed that he was dumbfounded by the lack of performance of his car and went on to claim that there is some problem with his car.

Bottas to use Hamilton’s chassis

Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton; Source:

Bottas revealed that the cars will have a different chassis at Paul Ricard, one that has been used on a previous occasion.

“It’s not a new chassis,” Bottas stated. “It’s different and it was always planned for me to change to a different chassis at this point.”

Bottas will go for chassis number 6 which has been used by Hamilton since the start of this season. Hamilton, on the other hand, will use chassis number 4.

Change confirmed by Mercedes

The change in the chassis has been confirmed by a Mercedes spokesperson who stated that it has been done to ensure a similar mileage on all their hardware.

Bottas had to have his chassis changed after his devastating crash with George Russell at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix.

He is hopeful about his W12’s performance at Paul Ricard in contrast to what happened in Monaco and Baku.

What did Bottas say?

The Mercedes W12; Source:

“We saw that in Monaco, for me, I managed to find the set-up and the confidence and get the tyres to work and Lewis didn’t,” Bottas mentioned.

“It almost felt like vice-versa in Baku. There was quite a big difference towards the end of the weekend with the set-up. And now I can say that probably the direction I took, we took as a team, wasn’t ideal. Some other small things combined.

“I think our car is quite on a knife-edge on those kind of tracks. But I think at least the next few tracks it’s a bit more normal and hopefully we can get a reasonable set-up and and that it’s not that easy to to go into the wrong direction.”

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