Mercedes to spend substantial amount to repair Bottas’ car following Imola collision

Valtteri Bottas had a terrible crash in Imola after George Russell steered into his car. The crash left their cars damaged beyond recognition.

It is estimated that the cost of repair will amount up to a whopping $1.39 million.

Had the crash happened during previous seasons, this would have not been much of an issue. However, according to regulations set this season, there is a budget cap of $145 million.

This gives us an estimate of one percent going towards the repair of Bottas’ W12. Fortunately, the power unit of the car is virtually undamaged which will save a significant amount of money.

Mercedes, just like other outfits, sets a budget for the entire season. Experiencing a crash this early in the season could spell trouble for the team, especially with 21 more races to go in 2021.

It is, therefore, important for both Hamilton and Bottas to drive safely in the upcoming events. Mercedes cannot afford any more damage to its cars.

Do you think Mercedes will make it through 2021 within the prescribed budget? Let us know in the comments below!

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