Mercedes extends its support to Red Bull

Mercedes¬†harbours no ambition of standing in the way of Red Bull’s engine plans for 2022.

Red Bull had earlier announced its desire to take over engine operations from Honda. This came on the back of Honda’s decision to quit the sport at the end of the 2021 season.

However, if a development freeze on the series’ power plants is objected by rival teams, this may not come to fruition.

“If the freeze is necessary to keep Red Bull Honda in business, we will support it,” Mercedes boss Toto Wolff told German broadcasters RTL and n-tv.

“We all have to work together to keep the manufacturers in Formula 1.

“The Red Bull-Honda project is very ambitious, but I think they can do it. That’s why we are basically in favor of a freeze.”

Wolff claimed that Mercedes was more interested in fixing its own car at the moment and ensuring that all the parts were in working order ahead of the 2021 season.

“It is nowhere near ready,” Wolff said. “And it won’t be ready until the last moments before the shakedown. So at the moment there is not much to see of the new car.

“Right now, it looks like someone tossed over a full box of Lego.”

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