“Not an easy task to find what he likes”: Guenther Steiner has his hands tied for Nikita Mazepin

Guenther Steiner has been having a nightmare season in Formula 1 at the moment. With a relatively weak package and two rookies Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin, there is not much hope for Haas to score points.

Even though the outfit has brought an updated version of their last year’s challenger, they are still facing the same issues.

An unstable rear end has led Mazepin to finish last in three out of four races.

Mazepin has been vocal about the car not suiting his style. Steiner, however, states that it is going to be difficult to give Mazepin the car that he wants.

Steiner admits Haas’ car has issues

The FIA has restricted the changes that teams can make between the 2020 and 2021 seasons. As a result, Haas is focusing on the 2022 season.

With no development tokens being spent on improving the car, Steiner admits that the car has a significant deficiency – a weak rear end.

“Obviously our basis this year is not good compared to our opposition. And we know that we have got a weak rear-end aerodynamically, so we don’t have enough downforce,” he said.

Mazepin credits his success to cars with a strong rear-end setup. He said that the lack of downforce gives him less of a chance to catch up to his competitors.

The Russian said, “It’s very difficult to compete with the top teams because they have more downforce and more downforce gives you a more stable and grippy car.”

Balance is the key: Steiner

Steiner said that the key to a good car is balance. This is what is stopping them from changing the rear end.

“We just try to make it up with some changes in the set-up. That’s the only thing you can do, trying in some circuits is possible to do, some is not.” he said.

“It depends a little bit on where your balance needs to be, because of the different type of corners.

“So it’s not an easy task with this car to find something which he likes, because the rear-end is unstable.”

At the Monaco Grand Prix, Haas is likely to continue its struggle at the back of the pack. There is also almost no possibility of the team bringing in any updates.

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