South Africa Grand Prix CEO sets target of 2022 to host first F1 race this century

While we are used to seeing Formula 1 take place across the globe, it may be worth noting that apart from Antarctica, Africa is the only continent not to have a race on the circuit.

The last time there was a Grand prix in Africa — back in 1993 at Kyalami in South Africa– the legendary Alain Prost was victorious.

South Africa Grand Prix CEO Warren Scheckter is keen to bring the sport back to his country.

It will augur as good news that both F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali and Mercedes star driver Sir Lewis Hamilton have supported this idea.

Scheckter confirmed that he is targeting the 2022 calendar, although he conceded that 2023 is likelier.

“The target date is still 2022 but that could shift due to the effects of the pandemic, so 2023 is maybe more likely.

“It’s great that someone like Lewis has supported the idea of an African Grand Prix.

“Obviously South Africa is the most likely place for that to happen, being a country that has a huge history in Formula 1.

“It had its own Formula 1 racing series back in the seventies, had a Formula 1 World Champion itself and as a country has quite a big following,” he said.

He further spoke about how South Africa will be the perfect destination, owing to its infrastructure and history in the sport.

“Most importantly it has a race track that’s really ready to go, that’s very close to being F1 standard. If there was to be an African Grand Prix, South Africa and Kyalami is the most logical place it would happen.

“It’s great that Lewis is showing his support for an African Grand Prix. An African Grand Prix would be a huge boost for bringing diversity to the sport at all levels.”

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