Why did players take so many toilet breaks at Us Open 2021?

At the US Open 2021, the main topic of discussion appears to be whether or not there should be a time limit on bathroom breaks between sets.

It was started when Andy Murray, a British player from Scotland, got impatient because his opponent Stefanos Tsitsipas had taken a 10-minute-long bathroom break.

Reilly Opelka, an American serving machine, has now given his opinion on this subject. According to Opelka, New York’s hot and humid climate causes excessive sweating. As a result, the player needs to change their entire outfit once in the course of the break. He further stated that it will require five to six minutes for the same.

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Reilly Opelka of United States defeats Stefanos Tsitsipas of Greece, source: indiatoday.in  

Andy Murray, Alexander Zverev, Milos Raonic, and Dominic Thiem, on the other hand, agree that a time limit should be imposed. After all, such long gaps are sufficient to mellow the opponent’s tempo.

Reilly Opelka explains need for toilet breaks

The conditions inside Flushing Meadows have unquestionably been harsh; hence, it is critical to stay hydrated. In a long match, though, a new pair of everything becomes the standard.

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Reilly Opelka in the US Open 2021, source: nypost.com

“We’re drinking, we’re hydrating a lot, we have to use the bathroom,” Opelka said. “To change my socks, shoes, my inserts in my shoes, shorts, shirt, everything, the whole nine yards, hat, it takes five, six minutes.”

In addition, the 24-year-old American attempted to describe the need for extended breaks. Opelka also addressed the shoe issue at the 2021 US Open.

“In this heat. It’s physical, our sport is. My shoes are dripping, they’re leaking sweat,” he said.

The discussion around the toilet break timing is bound to continue in the coming weeks. What are your thoughts on it?

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