“We will lose a race or two”: Brown makes bold claim that could jeopardise F1 schedule

2021 saw Formula 1 release its longest ever race schedule of 23 races while completely disregarding the presence of COVID-19. Even though last year they managed to pull off 17 races in just a few months, but adding 6 new races is a difficult task.

14 out of the 17 races were organized in Europe alone, but this year it will have more regions to cover. As a result, McLaren boss Zak Brown believes that this will lead to cancellation of a few races.

“We think there’s going to be an impact; the calendar has already been changed once,” said Brown at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

“I think the sport did an awesome job getting 17 races in half a year. It’s great we started in March.

“I think we will lose a race or two. Not long ago, as you all know, the [Formula 1] calendar was 15, 16, 17 or 18 races, so I think if we can get in 20 races over a normal calendar season, that is a complete Formula 1 schedule.

“I think we’ll have to see how things and vaccines roll out over the course of the year and see which countries may or may not be impacted. I’m confident we’ll get in 20 races through a March to December timeframe.”

With rise in cases all over the world and many countries hitting a second wave of the pandemic, the only hope is fast tracking vaccination drives. Only that can lead to the required immunity which can then act as a solution for the impending problem.

However, F1 is more prepared to handle the situation especially with the experience gained last year when the pandemic first hit our lives.

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