Alonso annoyed with Mercedes’ distinct advantage during races

Fernando Alonso was annoyed with Mercedes’ advantage, saying that it is an unfair sport if one car is faster than the others.

The Brazilian GP was a treat to watch, but it also highlighted a tier list of sorts in the grid. Mercedes is at the top of the food chain, as evidenced by their blistering pace at Interlagos.

Lewis Hamilton started from the back of the grid on Saturday and finished fifth. Then he started from P10 on Sunday, and ended up taking a staggering victory. His pace was from another planet, and no one could live with it.

This was despite the fact that Hamilton had taken two penalties. The fact that he still ended up winning the race left the Spaniard frustrated.

Alonso was annoyed with Mercedes’ advantage, and called F1 unfair for allowing the situation to thrive.

“I was surprised on Saturday,” the two-time world champion said, as quoted by

“I mean, I think we were all surprised that a driver has 25 penalty places on the grid in one weekend and still wins the race. It is what it is.

Fernando Alonso denies learning 'not to win' | PlanetF1
Alonso (pictured) is not happy with one team dominating F1. Source:

“As a driver, it’s like playing basketball and there’s one basket for you and one for the others. They (Mercedes) score their points with a bigger basket and you have to score yours with a smaller one. So you always lose.”

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Alonso explained that he is concerned for the future of the sport, and said that the imbalance needs to be addressed.

“I am lucky to have won two championships and I was privileged to have been in that position. I was also at Toyota in the WEC and had that kind of superiority in the car,” he continued.

“But I just imagine young children watching this sport and seeing one car pass two others in the straight line. We shouldn’t let them lose hope that they can be champions.

“We are all as committed to the sport. We train a lot, we work in the simulator, we risk our lives every time. But we’re still one lap behind in every race, and we know before we even go to Qatar. It’s really the only sport in which something like this happens,” he concluded.

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