Binotto thinks Mercedes has left a gap in F1 – “They have the most resources”

Mattia Binotto thinks Mercedes has left a gap between themselves and the rest of the grid in F1.

Ferrari is an illustrious team, and have won multiple championships over the years. They have come close on a few occasions, but haven’t gone all the way. Binotto believes that is because Mercedes have been the best team for over a decade due to their vast resources.

Binotto thinks Mercedes has left a gap between themselves and the rest of the teams in F1.

“We must acknowledge that Mercedes has done a great job, in preparation and development, thanks also to the resources deployed and to long-term planning,” Binotto said, as reported by

“All the others, including us, have accumulated a gap that has been almost impossible to fill.

“In 2017, we interpreted better than all the new regulations. We grew further in 2018, but in 2019 we made perhaps too ambitious a leap. In any case, we took three wins and nine poles, finishing second in the championship.

“In 2020 there were some regulatory clarifications on the engines that had a very important impact on us and then, due to the freeze imposed by COVID, we were unable to correct those weaknesses of the car that emerged at its debut,” the team boss concluded.

Binotto acknowledged Mercedes’ dominance since 2014, when the hybrid era began, but he attributed that to resources. However, the fact is that Mercedes have won every Constructor’s and Driver’s Championship since 2014.

Stepping up

Ferrari have challenged Mercedes in 2017 and 2018, during two action-packed seasons. There, Sebastian Vettel went toe-to-toe with Lewis Hamilton, but ultimately lost to the seven-time champion.

Binotto believes his team should do better in the coming seasons, especially the next one. Ferrari have had a mini resurgence this season, and look a completely different team since 2020. 

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