Tom Clarkson disappointed with Vettel for swearing at authorities – “Needs to control his emotions”

Podcast host Tom Clarkson was disappointed with Sebastian Vettel for swearing at the authorities.

Vettel yelled expletives in a fit of rage and emotion after seeing Lando Norris in a heap after his crash. He had told the authorities to red flag the race, but they hadn’t listened to him. As a result, he was fuming when Norris crashed.

Clarkson felt the four-time champion should not display that kind of anger on the radio. He was disappointed with Vettel for swearing at the authorities, and made it known on his podcast.

Speaking on F1 Nation with TC, Pinks and Damon, Clarkson said, “The one thing I would say is in the immediate aftermath of Lando’s crash on Saturday. He got on the radio didn’t he, and said ‘I effing told that we should have red-flagged that.’”

“And, I thought (that) was too much, because he was effectively swearing at the referee then. And I felt Sebastian needs to reign it in a bit. And let’s not forget, two days earlier, Damon, he’d actually being saying that the rules should be changed. Because he found it so bitter to lose second place in Hungary, and there should be more leniency.” 

Heart over head

When Nathalie Pinkham told Clarkson that it may have been because of high emotions running for the German, Clarkson responded, saying, “Of course, but I think you have to have control of your emotions in a Formula One car.

“And you don’t swear at the ref, in the same way you don’t do a stupid overtake or stupid lunge down the car in front.”

Vettel was mad seeing Norris’ crash after he had warned the authorities of the dangers of racing in those wet conditions. He yelled into the radio, “What the f**k did I say? What did I say? Red flag. Yeah, f**k me. It’s unnecessary.”

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