F1 bosses “apoplectic” at Hamilton for accusing the sport of greed

F1 bosses are “apoplectic” at Hamilton for accusing the sport of greed.

Hamilton was not happy with what took place at the Belgian Grand Prix, and called it a “farce” recently. The seven-time world champion did not mince his words, and accused the sport of greed by virtue of running a two-lap race just to get it done with.

Hamilton backed the 75,000 fans who attended the race, paying between £107 and £505. All they got was a day out in torrential rain and a massive drenching. Any racing supposed to take place didn’t happen. As such, Hamilton backed the fans, and called for F1 to refund them.

The British Knight’s comments have apparently not gone well with the F1 higher-ups. According to reliable sources, the F1 bosses are “apoplectic” at Hamilton for his statements, and they feel he insulted the sport.

Formula One's Belgian Grand Prix descended into farce on Sunday as only two laps took place
Fans got to see this instead of actual racing

As reported by Daily Mail, the source says, “There is absolute fury internally at the naivety of Lewis’s comments

“He talks about handing back millions of pounds to fans, though he makes millions out of Formula One, and it guarantees his team’s job, and he gives little or nothing back himself.

“He could have expressed his opinions privately rather than in the way he did, which makes no sense. People wonder if Lewis would have moaned if he had been on pole and won the race.”


It is understood that FIA President Jean Todt is hurt by Hamilton’s statement and accusations. He is due to put forward a statement addressing Hamilton’s concerns and defending the FIA’s decisions on Sunday.

Todt will also defend Michael Masi, who came under fire from fans for first allowing qualification to go on, and then do the opposite during race day. He was caught between a rock and a hard place, but fans have accused him of not catering to the sweet spot, and wasting four hours on a nonsensical race that would have been better off cancelled or postponed.

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