Horner responds to fans being upset about Abu Dhabi – “Time will move on”

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner responded to fans who are upset about the Abu Dhabi result, saying that time will heal all wounds.

Red Bull ended Mercedes’ seven-year championship double streak in 2021 by winning the Drivers’ Championship through Max Verstappen. Although they conceded the Constructors’ Championship to Mercedes, they are still celebrating their monumental victory.

The conditions under which they won the title, however, were very controversial. Having been second-best throughout the title-deciding final race of the season, they were gifted the chance on a platter after some shocking sporting decisions from Race Control.

Many felt that Mercedes were hard done and Red Bull profited immensely from the early Christmas gift they received at Yas Marina.

Horner responded to fans who are upset about the Abu Dhabi result, and said that fan culture dictates a quick moving on no matter what happens in sport.

“People in this business have such very short memories,” he said, as quoted by Planet F1.

“We’ve even forgotten what happened (earlier in the year). It was such a long racing season.

Christian Horner pours champagne on Max Verstappen. Abu Dhabi December 2021.
Horner (right) celebrates with Verstappen (left). Source: planetf1.com

“Max is absolutely a deserving World Champion. When you look at the championship as a whole, of course, the events in Abu Dhabi drew an awful lot of comment but that happens in sport.”

No changing anything

“We had a lot of bad luck last year, we got fortunate with a Safety Car, we made the right strategic calls, great strategy, great teamwork and great execution by Max, and we won the race,” Horner reiterated.

“Time will move on. Max is a very deserving World Champion, we are incredibly proud of that, and the history books will always show he is the 2021 World Champion.”

Verstappen also commented on the situation, saying, “Even with championships won 30 years ago or whatever, there has also been controversy.

“Nowadays, when people look back at the footage they enjoy it. It’s just part of the sport.”

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