Sainz issues challenge to Norris for Russian GP – “I’m going to try and pass him”

Carlos Sainz has issued a challenge to his friend Lando Norris for the Russian GP.

F1 fans got one of their dream first rows, with Sainz sitting in P2 and his former teammate and best friend Norris sitting in front. It was the pair’s best ever qualifying performance, but Sainz is still a little frustrated that he was on provisional pole, and Norris barely scraped by him to take pole.

The Ferrari driver promised to take his chance and go all-out the second the lights go out. Sainz issued a challenge to Norris for the Russian GP, and vowed to try and overtake him from Turn 1.

Speaking about the result and the events, as quoted by Formula Spy, Sainz said, “Well, it’s a good result, definitely. I was so close to pole position that maybe the second place doesn’t taste as good as it should – but I think it was a well-executed session and a good lap there at the end.

Sainz: “I’m going to try and pass him”
Sainz (left) will be up against Norris (right) at the front for the first time. Source:

“I managed to put a very good lap at the time and actually not many people coming behind managed to improve on me, only my good friend Lando did obviously a very good job. For being one of the first ones across the line it was a properly on the limit good lap.”

No friendship at the top

“It’s going to be good fun, Carlando front row as someone told me,” Sainz said.

“We’ve shared rows many times, but never the front row. I’m going to try and pass him, I’m not going to lie, I’m just going to go for it and see if I can get in the lead. It would be very nice and I’m going to try.

“If I can get Lando at the start or if not, just get a good tow because starting P2 here, the dirty side is really penalising, so I’m going to need to make sure I do my homework overnight to make sure we don’t lose too much off the line on that dirty side and see if I can get into a tow or why not pass him,” he concluded.

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