Schumacher sends warning to F1 midfield – “The car looks very positive”

Haas driver Mick Schumacher sent a warning to the F1 midfield, saying that his team have been working on a competitive car for 2022.

Haas threw away the 2021 season early to put all their efforts in for 2022. The new regulations for next season prompted the decision, but it came at the cost of their 2021, finishing dead last in both championships.

Many dismissed the American team’s chances for the next season. Given their shambolic 2021 finishing with zero points scored, it’s not a bad prediction to make.

However, Schumacher sent a warning to the F1 midfield, saying that they need to watch out for his team and his car.

“The car looks very positive from what I see and hear,” Schumacher said to in Germany.

“I have great expectations. Hopefully those expectations will be fulfilled on track in the new year.”

Mick Schumacher grabs his helmet. Istanbul October 2021.
Schumacher (pictured) is confident of a revival. Source:

Mechanical bits

“It’s something I’ve always been interested in – how things work in general, and especially how a Formula 1 car works,” the German continued.

“I’m quite heavily involved in the development of the 2022 car and I just want to understand it and see it, with all the CAD (Computer Aided Design) models and things like that.

“So there’s definitely a lot of points I’m looking forward to analysing early in the year. (I am excited) to be able to work with the team in the factory and have my own input into how I would like the car to be.

“It’s the first time a car has been built for me, so to speak, and not for everyone. It’s very much tailored to our dimensions and our helmets, so everything fits together harmoniously,” he concluded.

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