Wolff threatens to expose FIA system if governing body doesn’t overturn ‘biased decision’

Toto Wolff has sent a veiled threat to the FIA, saying that they will stop at nothing to get them to reverse their biased decision.

Mercedes were hard done by the authorities at the Brazilian GP. Their driver Lewis Hamilton was subjected to some dirty defending from the car in front of him. It was a blatant penalty, but the FIA shockingly refused to give it.

Fans erupted at the ignorance, and Mercedes was left fuming. Luckily, Hamilton managed to take the win despite the decision going against him. Had he failed to finish first, it would have been an all-out war.

However, the German team refused to let it go. They have appealed to the FIA to review the decision. In addition to that, Wolff sent a veiled threat to the FIA, and said that they were appealing to prove a point.

As quoted by GP Fans, when asked if the FIA’s decision was just bad timing, the Austrian replied, “No, I don’t think there is such thing as bad luck in motor racing, I think it is elbows out.

“In the past, sometimes there was a common-sense buffer that didn’t exist (in Brazil), but it is all to the dot within the regulations so you need to respect it, you need to acknowledge it is a fierce fight with several entities, or stakeholders, involved and take it on the chin.

Toto Wolff: Mercedes chief gets internet meme treatment after passionate  Lewis Hamilton reaction | GiveMeSport
Perhaps this was Wolff’s (pictured) first warning shot. Source: givemesport.com

“That is why, also, we went against the route of appeal. We would have liked to have shown the weaknesses of the arguments or the system.”

Talking on the track

Wolff also stated that ultimately, the entire show was a political thing, and the real winning had to be done on track.

“We didn’t (appeal initially) because we didn’t want to lose all points (for the weekend) in case of a failed appeal and it would drag the whole decision, for a few weeks, out,” he explained.

“We need to do the racing on the track and if we lose, then we lose and if we win, then we win.”

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