McLaren engineer optimistic about Daniel Ricciardo fortune changing following summer break

The current season has seen McLaren giving a spectacular performance before the paddock headed for the summer break.

The British team, at the moment, stands third in the constructor’s standings, tied with Ferrari and having 163 points.

Lando Norris has been the star of the team at the moment by consistently scoring points and the occasional podium.

The McLaren driver has often found himself driving between the Red Bulls and the Mercedes, a feat worthy of praise.

Considering the strength of the top teams, that is an impressive situation for McLaren.

Ricciardo behind Norris

Norris’ teammate Daniel Ricciardo has not been having the best time so far. The Australian is facing difficulty in getting used to his new car.

As a result, he stayed in the middle of the pack during most races.

McLaren engineer, Andrea Stella, in a discussion with The Race, talked about Ricciardo’s driving strategies.

What did Stella say?

β€œHe’s a driver who likes to roll the speed in the corner and not necessarily attack the braking as much as our car requires,” he explained.

The engineer also seems to think that it is just a matter of time before Ricciardo starts to perform like before.

“We understood very quickly what the issue was,” he added.

“We could model this aspect, which means Daniel knows what to do in terms of working on the simulator, in terms of coaching the driver.

“But the progress that we do see race after race is not necessarily a switch,” he concluded.

At the moment, Ricciardo stands 9th in the driver’s list with 50 points whereas Norris stands 3rd with 113.

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