Nico Hulkenberg not yet ready to write Mercedes off – “Have something up their sleeve”

Former Formula 1 driver Nico Hulkenberg has revealed that the fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen is far from over.

While Red Bull are currently dominating the grid and have made their mark in the driver’s and constructor’s standings, Nico is not yet ready to give up on Mercedes.

Valtteri Bottas has not yet won a race this season and Lewis Hamilton has not seen victory since the Spanish GP at the beginning of May.

What did Hulkenberg say?

“It’s very simple,” Hulkenberg said in an interview.

“Red Bull currently has the fastest car. The roles have been reversed compared to previous years.

“Red Bull has lost less time during the winter due to the rule changes than Mercedes. That’s why they’re ahead of them now.

“It’s not over yet. I definitely wouldn’t write Mercedes off yet. They still have something up their sleeve, especially in terms of the updates and improvements to their car,” he concluded.

Max is in peak form

Hulkenberg is good friends with Max Verstappen and the two are often seen with each other.

This is the first year that Max will be seen as a potential candidate for the title win.

“Max will fight for many Formula 1 world titles during his career,” said Hulkenberg. “At the moment he is surfing a nice wave of success, he is super confident and confident in his car too.”

We can only see how Mercedes respond in the upcoming race in Silverstone.

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