Norris signs contract extension with McLaren – “I love the people and feel at home”

F1 driver Lando Norris has signed a contract extension with McLaren, and revealed it was a very easy decision for him. 

Norris had a great 2021 in what was only his third season in F1. He took four podium finishes, including a P2 at the Italian GP. He finished sixth overall in the Drivers’ Championship standings to cap off his best season in the sport.

However, he is relatively new to F1 compared to a lot of his colleagues on the grid. His teammate, to use the most obvious example, is a veteran of the sport. The contrast between the two could be seen at times during the season.

Keeping his prospects in mind, Norris signed a contract extension with McLaren, saying he was excited to be with the team. 

“Teams are about people, and I love the people and feel at home at McLaren,” he said, as quoted by Somerset Live.

“I have grown up in this team and I’m part of this journey we’re all on.”

A photo of Lando Norris during qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in December 2021
Norris (pictured) will stay at McLaren for a while. Source: Getty Images

Meteoric rise

“Last season was another great step, both in my career and the team’s performance, and I see and feel all the work, investment, and commitment for the team to be in a position to challenge for wins and titles in the future,” the young Brit continued. 

“This all gives me huge confidence looking forward, so it was a natural decision to extend our relationship for the next few years.”

Norris also commented on his progress at McLaren, saying, “I’m very happy at least with the progress I made from last season working on those weak areas, I think I turned some of those into strengths.

“Some of them still need some work but overall, we’ve done a much better job. The other things I did well was especially the first half being very strong. I think we came out at the start of the season extremely strong and I think we maximised what we did very well.

“We maximised every opportunity we had to get onto the podiums to make the most of other people’s penalties and stuff.”

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