Daniel Ricciardo says it was “more difficult” to compete against Max Verstappen than Sebastian Vettel

Daniel Ricciardo has said that Max Verstappen was “more difficult” than Sebastian Vettel.

During Ricciardo’s time at Red Bull, he has been teammates with both drivers. The first one was Vettel, who he raced with for one year. In that season, Ricciardo emerged as the superior Red Bull driver. Even though his car was far from the best on the grid, he managed three race victories. He also finished 71 points clear of Vettel, which was a mammoth gap.

Vettel packed his bags and joined Ferrari the next season. When asked if Vettel was an easier teammate than the future one in Verstappen, Ricciardo laughed off the question.

Ricciardo: 'That's why Verstappen was harder as a teammate than Vettel'
Ricciardo (right ) chose Verstappen (left) as his tougher teammate. Source: gpblog.com

As reported by GP Blog, Ricciardo said, “So it seems on paper. I had a very strong year against him.

“Sebastian was older and at the peak of his career. There was less margin for him to get even better as a four-time world champion,” the current McLaren driver explained.

The next challenge

Fast forward sometime later, and Ricciardo found himself having the Dutchman Verstappen as his teammate. Ricciardo and Verstappen had contrasting driving styles, and it was hard to judge who the better driver was. As a result, Ricciardo probably met his match in Verstappen, and he seemed to concur.

Ricciardo agreed that the young and raw Verstappen had so much potential, that he would always improve. This put him in a tricky spot, because it was a pain to adjust to him and his racing style. “That’s why it was more difficult against him,” Ricciardo said.

Ultimately, Ricciardo left Red Bull at the end of 2018. He raced for Renault, before securing a big-money move to McLaren. Unfortunately, he has failed to replicate his form so far. With the second half of the season to go, he will look to return to his former self

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